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LayerMedia operates more than 63 International-Online-Portals with more than 200 Mio. page impressions / 14 Mio. users per month. The portals are focused on Business, IT, Industry and Consumer News. Furthermore we are invested in special selected startups for “Native Ads”, “Recomender Ads” and Adserving Tecnologies.


LayerExpo is invested in 4 european tradeshow producers, 6 US exposition producers and 4 ASEAN Pruducers. We provide all our engagements with capital and a more than 30 years experience in the tradeshow business


LayerCampus is the youngest division and provides real “eLearning” Plattforms. Starting our first LayerCampus in a high tech region (SAP, Siemens, SEW, etc.) in Stutensee (Germany). With the second location in the greater Boston (USA) area we increased this idea.

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